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Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia! Sniper
Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia! Sniper

Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia! Sniper - ARIADNA (Blister)

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Major Lunah is a creature of the desert, an environment steeped in peril and mystery. One such...mehr

Major Lunah is a creature of the desert, an environment steeped in peril and mystery. One such mystery surrounds the background of this former Sword of Allah officer who gave up a brilliant military career to carve a spot in the international Aristeia! circuit, but with a secret motive. We now know she was unflinchingly determined to denounce an atrocity she was forced to commit as a Husam Operative, because no oath, no flag could ever wipe away the blood on her hands or muffle the screams in her head.

Lunah believed in the implacable, absolute law of the desert, which judges all and exonerates few. She could not stomach the thought that the appalling deed that tarnished her soul would go unpunished; even the shame and the disgrace of going public were negligible compared to the dishonor of suppressing the truth. And so she capitalized on the skills honed as a top sharpshooter for the spec-ops service of the Sword of Allah to climb the Aristeia! ranks and funnel her money and growing fame to obtain the proof she needed.

Hersteller/Publisher: Corvus Belli
Artikelnummer: INF280724
EAN: 2807240006568

?Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile, Erstickungsgefahr.?

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