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Fraacta Drop Unit (Boarding Shotgun, Spitfire)

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  • INF281611
The Fraacta are the Combined Army’s elite troops who bring death from the sky, landing behind... mehr
The Fraacta are the Combined Army’s elite troops who bring death from the sky, landing behind enemy lines. With a Spitfire in her hands, a weapon with a high rate of fire, she is ideal for shooting down the enemy. Get ready to fall from the sky and engage in close quarters battle!

This is a repackaging of individual products into a single product. It’s a blister with two miniatures that includes one Fraacta Drop Unit with Boarding Shotgun and one Fraacta with Spitfire.

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Blister contains:

1x Fraacta (Boarding Shotgun)
1x Fraacta (Spitfire)
Hersteller/Publisher: Corvus Belli
Artikelnummer: INF281611
EAN: 2816110008793
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