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Lobotomy 2 - Manhunt EN

Lobotomy 2 - Manhunt EN

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Lobotomy is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler. Players become patients trying to escape from a... mehr
Lobotomy is a fully cooperative dungeon crawler. Players become patients trying to escape from a mental asylum. All is set in a climactic survival horror theme. The game includes a story campaign and a Daily Nightmare mode with unlimited replayability. The characters do not remember who they are so they fill the blanks with random references from movies, books, comics, and TV. As theirs insanity grows, so does their power. But is it all real? Or is it just in your head?

This asylum crawler has everything the players loved in the original Lobotomy with the addition of streamlined rules that minimize the downtime and maximize the fun!

modular map with asylum parts and outdoor parts (yes now you can check the asylum's surroundings)
best parts of Lobotomy such as cooldown system and Warden-based timer are still here
streamlined combat, movement and character management
new characters with personal goals
crafting system - improve your weapons and equipment by collecting junk
story-heavy scenarios. With the addition of scenario book game is now more thematic than ever. Explore the board which can expand during the game and hold more secrets and goals
scenarios can be played separately but they have a story continuity. There is also a "Sandbox" mode for an endless replayability (similar to the Lobotomy 1)
Hersteller/Publisher: Unbekannt
Artikelnummer: TTF00001
EAN: 5905090500001

„Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile, Erstickungsgefahr.“

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