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Heat Heavy Rain EN

Heat Heavy Rain EN

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  • DOW9102
As engines are roaring to life and rain is relentlessly pouring down, the atmosphere at the Japan... mehr
As engines are roaring to life and rain is relentlessly pouring down, the atmosphere at the Japan Grand Prix is charged with anticipation and uncertainty. The pristine track that once promised speed and precision is now glistened with raindrops, becoming a treacherous ribbon of asphalt demanding the utmost skill and concentration from the drivers.
The rain affects everyone the same!

Heat Heavy Rain introduces two new racing tracks. The Japan Grand Prix happens just after a torrential rain and large puddles remain in front of treacherous curves, decreasing your ability to slow down. The infamous Mexico track offers a thrilling experience for veteran drivers, with its multiple chicanes requiring speed and skill.

Take part in the 1964 Championship season and discover the new Air Intakes upgrade cards that will help you cool down your car and overcome the dangers of these new tracks.

This expansion also includes all components for an extra player to join your races.
This is not a standalone game! Requires an original copy of Heat: Pedal to the Metal to play.
Hersteller/Publisher: Days of Wonder
Artikelnummer: DOW9102
EAN: 0824968091029

„Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile, Erstickungsgefahr.“

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