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ENHANCE Collector's Edition RPG Organizer Case - Dragon Green

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ENHANCE Tabletop Series RPG Organizer Case - Collector's Edition An all-in-one storage case... mehr

ENHANCE Tabletop Series RPG Organizer Case - Collector's Edition

An all-in-one storage case for RPG players - Features a unique binder design with custom compartments for dice, miniatures, class ability cards, and more. Now upgraded with the power of Dragon Hide, forged from the spoils of war using techniques from an age long forgotten. The Collector's Edition also comes with a collectible metal charm keychain and exclusive holographic sticker to mark the authenticity of your Collector's Edition DnD Binder. Show off your reward with the detachable metal charm that can be taken anywhere.

Features two sides, each with various compartments - The left side has a large dice rolling tray, a removable pencil/accessory pouch, and a spare document compartment below the dice tray area. The right side contains a foam tray with 16 slots for miniature figures and a modular section for storing cards, dice, and other accessories. In the center, you'll find a special divider with a transparent panel that stores and protects your character sheet; you can write directly onto the transparent panel with dry erase markers, which will protect your sheet against nasty eraser marks-a unique feature of the ENHANCE Tabletop Collector's Edition RPG Organizer Case.

Please Note: Product photos showing gameplay accessories (dice, markers, cards, mini figures, character sheets, etc) are for illustrative purposes only. All gameplay accessories are not included and must be purchased separately. Product includes case only.

Hersteller/Publisher: ENHANCE Gaming
Artikelnummer: ENTTCEC200GNEW
EAN: 637836620036

„Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile, Erstickungsgefahr.“

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